Welcome to the Group

Entry 001- by Amber HarriSTAR (Owner/Designer)


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! My Name is Amber and I am our designer. Although I create the patterns, I have a whole team behind me that I couldn't do this without.


My Admins, My friends, My Team:

Amanda Cervantes: This wonderful lady not only runs my tester groups, pretests designs, and helps with the tutorial pics, but she is also my go to lady for helping me articulate designs and rattle ideas.  She is my right hand girl here at HarriSTAR Designs and she keeps me on track, organized, and sane.

Jenifer Williams: This amazing lady I have known for awhile and she is not only my admin and a tester, but also a very good friend. She is the girl I go to when I need to focus, to pretest designs, and to help keep the group running. She has been with me since the beginning and a vital part of our team.

Keshia Nippert: This awesome lady helps me keep the group running smoothly as well as my testing groups and Sew-a-long group. She has been with me from the beginning as well and is always helpful when I need help with all the small things that keep our group rotating smoothly.

Trista Rene DeBerry: This lovely lady is our newest admin. She joined our team to keep the group active, talking, and interacting. She is head admin of the sew-a-longs group and helps with rallying support from other groups to give us those discounts we all love!

Important Information

Hi! Welcome to the HarriSTAR Designs! We are so excited to see all of your creations and are happy to answer any questions you may have!!


20% off All patterns for first 92 orders

FREE for members ONLY
Direct to the group for coupon code. DO NOT SHARE
 *****You will get an Email from SEND OWL with the links to download!!!! ******

CODE IS ON FACEBOOK @ www.Facebook.com/groups/harristardesigns

15% bundle of any 2 patterns (over 13$)

#########IMPORTANT LINKS#######

Shop Link to Purchase Patterns:

Recover Download Email:

Instagram: www.intstagram.com/harristar_patterns

Video on attaching pieces on Winding Roadsters


Points of Contact:

Owner/Creator: Amber Harristar (Amber Harrison)


  • Keshia Nippert​
  • Jenifer Williams​
  • Amanda Cervantes​
  • Trista Rene DeBerry​

Instagram: Sarah Marie Corner



*While we support many pattern designers this group is only for the sharing of items made from HarriSTAR Designs.

*Absolutely NO sharing of actual pattern files, specific dimensions of pattern pieces, or any other proprietary information related to HarriSTAR Designs.

*Please no spamming the wall of unrelated information (i.e. direct sales advertising, promotions for other groups, unrelated topics, etc)

*We encourage shop owners to share the amazing items they make from HarriSTAR patterns, however please remember not all businesses will share the specific details of the items they have made (i.e. fabric sources, tag/logo information, patterns of items made in conjunction with their HarriSTAR items, etc). Please keep questions about such information to the comment portion of their posts and/or PM and respect the original poster’s wishes.

*Please do not share photos that do not belong to you unless you have received permission from the owner first.

*We strive to keep this group drama free. Please refrain from vulgarity, bullying, hateful/racial slurs, or any other behavior that would reflect badly on the group as a whole. This behavior will not be tolerated and will result in your prompt removal from the group. No exceptions.

Link to shop owners who sell items made from HarriStar Designs: Coming soon!!

Please note that this is a brand new group for Amber so this list is subject to change at her discretion. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to her or one of the admins in the group. Thank you so much for your business and for being a part of the group!

In Conclusion

I want to take a second and welcome each and everyone of you. You, the members and customers, are the most important part of HarriSTAR Designs. I may be the designer, but I get my motivation, inspiration, and drive from you all!

Officially we have changed to HarriSTAR Designs. I began this journey mid last year and still had my children's shop connected to this name. But after closing it and my pattern group growing, it is now time to become officially HarriStar Designs <3 Thank you ALL for following my journey, interacting within the group, and making me and this group what I am today!!

Through out the Week I will be adding some featured hacks our amazing HarriSTAR testers have put together. They have taken the time to write instructions, take pictures, and compile them to offer y'all hacks on the upcoming pattern; HarriSTAR Arctic Racer.

Thank you.



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